Oh what a bother they were! I was becoming quite a laughing stock amongst friends and family members! Teenage had just set in and when it was time to flaunt your looks here pops up these dirty looking warts all over my fingers!

So what are warts?

Warts are skin growths caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). These look like small blackish brown moles which may appear across your skin- mostly on your hands and face. These are generally contagious. So beware!

Treating Warts

Though there are many medicines to treat and cure warts including surgery, I found the Homeopathic Thuja most effective.
The medicine is prepared from leaves and twigs of a thuja tree.
The homeopath gave me a dose of Thuja – in powdered form which had to be taken over a period of 6 months including an oil application on the warts.
Believe me in just 3 months the warts disappeared and they have never come back!